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My Story

Hi! I’m Sydney Lawson!

I’m excited that you are here! If you are looking for the right person to capture your memories in a way that will speak to your heart, well that’s what I’m here to do! I absolutely love photography and have ever since I started in high school YEARS ago! It became my passion the moment I stepped foot into a dark room!

I started doing family photography while I was in college getting my photography degree at Purdue University. The classes I took in my college career were based on the concepts of fine art and capturing images to showcase in a gallery at the end of every year.


What I developed in college as my family photography business grew, was that I saw differently on the deeper meaning of every image. One image can truly speak volumes on what it’s portraying. In fact, as you work with me, a common reaction I have as I look at the images while we are in our session is pure excitement! I can’t help to express my happiness when I capture a wonderful memory!

I used these skills within my photography business over the years to show the love, the deep passion and the commitment that family members have for one another.

Each day I get to be behind the camera, is a new day I get to capture something unique and beautiful that is specific to only you! Every person and every family that I get the pleasure to work with will continue to light that flame within me that has been in my life ever since the first day I picked up a camera. 


I'm looking forward to this photographic journey with you and can't wait for the fun to begin!

Session Info

To receive the best experience for your photography session, I would like to guide you in the process to make the most of it!

This will be the time where we discuss your needs for your photography session and get to know one another! We will go over in detail the location, the photographs you are looking to achieve, and what to expect during your session.

2-3 weeks after your photo session, you will receive a personal link to your online gallery where you will get to view, download and purchase prints that will ship directly to your home!

Follow the link below to book your appointment!

Pricing & Booking

Sydney Lawson
Nashville, TN

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